Please read the following rules carefully! Breaking these rules may get your account kicked, muted, temporarily banned, or even permanently banned from the server. These set of rules are NOT all inclusive and therefore may be subject to change at any time. Please use common sense!

No offensive skins or usernames

Skins and usernames that are deemed offensive will not be tolerated and you will be asked to changed them. Failure to comply may result in a ban. You may create a ban appeal here after changing your skin or username to conform to our rules.


Chat Rules

  • Keep it in English. You MAY speak foreign languages in private message if both sides can understand the language.
  • Excessive cursing is not allowed.
  • No advertising. This includes posting IP's to other servers or links to ANY non-GNW websites UNLESS you have prior consent from a staff member. This also applies to signs, forums, discord, or any other medium.
  • Do not spam chat. This includes TALKING IN ALL CAPS, saying the same message in chat repeatedly, begging for things repeatedly, putting in an unnecessary amount of characters in chat (cooooooooooool!!!!!!!!), and saying incoherent nonsense. Welcome messages should also not exceed one line of text.
  • Be respectful. Discrimination due to race, religion, sex, age, or disabilities is forbidden. Insults and offensive jokes are forbidden. If you are unsure if what you are about to say is offensive or not, DO NOT SAY IT.
  • If you see someone breaking the rules, do not try to prove your worth by acting like a member of staff. You do not have the permissions that staff member have to properly handle the situation.


No client mods

Modifications that give you a significant advantage over other players are prohibited. For example, x-ray and fly hacks are not allowed.

Some modifications that DO NOT give you a significant advantage over other players are allowed. This includes:

  • Performance enhancers like Optifine
  • Gamma Modifications
  • Minimaps as long as you cannot see resources and cave systems. You may only see player markers, waypoints, biomes and entities.


Do not exploit bugs

Exploiting a bug will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity. In extreme cases, all your player data will be wiped from the server. Please report any bugs to a member of staff so we can address it.


Building Rules

  • Any farms that require you to be AFK to function will be removed. For example: AFK Fish Farms.
    • Automatic farms that can run in the background while you are playing normally are allowed.
  • Redstone contraptions, mob grinders, etc that are found to be lagging the server will be removed. Intentional lag machines will also be met with a ban.
    • Any automatic farms that have a possibility of lagging the server must have a toggle switch, so it can be disabled easily.
  • Any builds that are considered offensive or inappropriate will be removed.
  • Do not build random 1x1 towers or 1x1 holes, or leave floating trees. (This does not apply to the resource world.)


No Griefing

Any structure built by a player may not be griefed, regardless of whether or not it is built in a town claim. If you are unsure whether or not a structure was built by a player, do not grief it.

Griefing includes:

  • Destroying blocks without prior consent from the original builder.
  • Placing blocks without prior consent from the original builder.
  • Killing/stealing any mobs that someone has intentionally saved and/or captured.

You may destroy/modify parts of a structure in order to rebuild/renovate.

You may loot unprotected chests that are found in the wild.

You may claim fallen towns for yourself, however the above rules will still apply.


Town Mayor Rules

These rules apply to anybody that is managing or helping to manage a town. (Mayors, Assistants, etc.):

  • You may not disband a town without giving at least a week notice to the residents.
  • You may not evict a resident from a town unless:
    • They have been inactive for longer than a week
    • They have broken rules previously established by the town
  • You may not grief structures or take items that aren't yours, unless:
    • The person has given you permission
    • The person has built in a town-owned plot