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Website Reopening and Revamp


Staff member
Greetings fellow adventurers,

I am pleased to announce that the website is now back online better than ever. Gone is the dull gray, now we have a fully functional website on par with some of the larger networks out there.

If you guys have any feedback or suggestions let me know in the suggestions section of the forum.


  • You guys can customize the appearance of the website by clicking the 2 at top right of your screen.
  • When validating your email, be sure to check your junk inbox, there have been reports of it showing up there.
  • You can upload a profile picture, and add a forum signature to you account in your user settings.

Diamond Crate Key

You can earn yourself a diamond crate key by following the instructions down below:
  1. Sign up to the website
  2. Upload a profile picture
  3. Create a post in the introductions forum
  4. Create a locked chest somewhere
  5. Start a private conversation with me with the coordinates of this chest
I will deposit the diamond crate key into this chest for you to redeem!
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