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Towny Version - New Additions


Staff member
Towny has updated to release version for 1.14. Some of these may have already been added, but since this is a release version I will be listed them out here.

New Commands:

/resident friend list

  • Returns a list of your friends
/n townlist [nation]
  • [nation] is optional, to show town list of a nation you aren't a part of.
  • Lists all towns in a nation
/n allylist [nation]
  • [nation] is optional, to show ally list of a nation you aren't a part of.
  • Lists all allies of a nation
/n enemylist [nation]
  • [nation] is optional, to show enemy list of a nation you aren't a part of.
  • Lists all enemies of a nation
/n toggle open
  • Sets the nation to be open, so that any town can join without an invite.
/n join {nation}
  • Used by a town mayor to join an open nation
/nation merge {nationname}
  • Requests the given nation to merge into your nation
  • Can only be used by the nation king, and requires the king of the other nation to be online to accept the merger
  • The soon-to-be-ex-king will receive a confirmation message asking if they will accept the dissolution of their nation
  • If accepted, the towns of the nation transfer to the remaining nation. The nation's bank money is also transferred, if it has any.

Protection Changes:
  • All dyes have been added to the item-use flag. This prevents players from using dyes on signs.
  • Barrels have been added to the switch flag. Prevents players from opening barrels.
  • Books from lecterns cannot be taken, unless player can also break lectern itself.
Jail Command Blacklist:
  • Jailed players will unable to use the following commands while jailed:
    • /home
    • /spawn
    • /teleport
    • /tp
    • /tpa
    • /tpahere
    • /back
    • /warp
    • /rtp
  • Jailed players can get out of jail by:
    • Getting unjailed by the mayor, or residents with the assistant or sheriff role
    • Pay a bail of $1000
    • Leave the town (/town leave)
Message Enhancements:
  • Town block and outpost claiming costs are now displayed in /towny prices
  • Upkeep messages to display fallen towns/nations in a much more condensed way
  • Town tax, plot tax, nation tax display in a much more condensed way
  • Remove underscores from showing in /t new, /t list, /n new, /n list, and /n leave
  • Embassies in towns now shows in /res for players that own embassies in other towns.