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Towny Update - Plot Grouping


Staff member
Towny has released a brand new update today which brings some cool new things, and plot grouping.

Plot Grouping

- Group plots together, which can be named, sold, set with a uniform plot type, or uniform perm line.
- Plot groups which are claimed or unclaimed will have confirmation messages showing number of plots in a group, as well as cost.
- Groups appear in the chunk notifications in white.
- Already priced plots which are added to a group will increase the group price by the plot.


- /plot group <add/new/create> <groupname> - Creates a plot group where a player is standing. Also adds plots to existing group.
- /plot group remove - Removes the plot you're standing in from its group.
- /plot group rename <newname> - Renames a plot group.
- /plot group set perm .... - Used to set the perm line of a group you are standing in.
- /plot group set <townblocktype> - Used to set a group of plots to a shop, farm, embassy, etc.
- /plot group toggle <fire/mobs/pvp/explosions> - Set the toggleable settings for townblocks across the entire group.
- /plot group <forsale/fs> <price> - Sets the group for sale at the set price.
- /plot group <notforsale/nfs> - Sets the group not for sale.

**Other additions:**

- Villagers can no longer be killed by players in town boundaries.
- Plot PVP now takes priority over the Town setting. This means that PVP can be toggled on in plots while the rest of the town remains PVP free. The PVP toggle cooldown means this cannot be abused.
- List towns and nations by residents, towns (nation only), open status, balance, name, townblocks, and online status.
- Confirmations can now be accepted/declined/confirmed/cancelled by clicking on the text. Commands can still be used.
- NEW Smart tab completion of most Towny commands

Many bug fixes: https://github.com/TownyAdvanced/Towny/releases/tag/