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Server Rules


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Chat Rules
  1. Be respectful to all other users and members of staff.
    • Do not troll or intentionally try to provoke other players.
    • Do not link to or post any adult content
  2. Try to keep cursing to a minimum.
  3. Do not advertise your mediocre at best servers, services, etc.
  4. Avoid discussing controversial topics like religion and politics.
  5. Do not spam the chat.
  6. Keep global chat in English. You may use other languages in private message if both sides are fluent in the language.
Towny Rules
  1. Do not use any hacks or cheats. Any modification that gives you an edge over other players is not allowed.
    • Exceptions: Optifine, minimaps (No underground maps.)
  2. Do not exploit bugs. If you find a bug, report a staff member so we can fix it.
  3. Griefing is prohibited.
    • This includes destroying builds, killing owned mobs, etc.
    • You may loot chests that are in the wild. Stealing in towns is not allowed.
    • You may loot chests with expired locks.
    • Fallen towns, or unclaimed structures may be claimed by anyone.
    • Keep destroying of environments in the build world to minimum. It is recommended that you harvest resources in the resource world. (Mining, Woodcutting. etc) instead of the main world which should be used primarily for building. This is especially true for areas around active towns.
    • Griefing is prohibited in the resource world, though only builds should be beacons for gathering materials.
  4. Do not bypass the AFK timer
    • Any contraptions that make you move without user input (ie. afk pools) are not allowed
    • Any farms that require you to be AFK to function (ie. AFK fish farms) are not allowed
    • Automatic farms are allowed as long as you are not trying to bypass this timer
  5. Do not lag the server
    • Do not build high CPU intensive farms or redstone contraptions. We will disable and/or remove them.
    • Tip: Pressing tab will show you the servers TPS. Ideally, this should always be 18-20.
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