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POLL: Classes, Skills, Enchantments, and Abilities?


Staff member
Hello guys!

So the past month or so I have been pretty silent, and some of you may have been wondering what the heck I am have been all this time. I can assure you I am still here, but just working behind the scenes. I have been carefully planning out the future of Gingy. As some of you are aware, when server first launched about a year ago, it was planned that there would be dungeons where you guys can fight bosses and get loot, but things quickly fell apart with lack of direction. Things were too rushed and eventually we had to put the entire project on hold.

The past month or so, our incredible staff team has been hard at work creating some fantastic content, which we will be releasing in stages. Today, we released 13 custom mobs, but that is only the beginning. Before I move further I would like to throw out there that I am thinking about removing McMMO completely. I know you are panicking and already searching for the poll so you can press VOTE NO, but please read below so you can understand why I feel like this would be a good direction for the server.

MMOCore and MMOItems

Two of things I would like to add to the server is MMOCore and MMOItems. MMOCore is a core RPG class and skills plugin, while MMOItems is a custom weapons plugin coded by the same talented developer. Both of these are being integrated into MythicMobs a very famous plugin for creating mobs and bosses with almost limitless customization. The fact that MMOCore and MMOItems are being turned into official Mythic plugins speaks highly of the quality of these two plugins, and how well they work together.

Links to their pages on spigot (require a spigot account to view):
MMOCore: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mmocore.70575/
MMOItems: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mmoitems-premium.39267/

Or you can look at their official documentation on github:
MMOCore: https://github.com/Indyuce/mmocore/wiki
MMOItems: https://github.com/Indyuce/mmoitems/wiki

As you can see, these plugins are very high quality, and have an abundance of features that you never see on towny servers. There are so many towny/mcmmo servers out there, why not try something new? (MMOCore is am extremely brand new plugin) McMMO has far too many conflicts with the way it handles skills and it limits what we can do:

What does MMOCore have to offer?

Player Classes and Skills

One feature we would be able to add is an actual class system. By default, the classes are:
- Rogue - built around speed, and fast attacks
- Warrior - a skilled melee fighter, high base stats
- Marksman - built around ranged attacks
- Mage - built around magic attacks and spells
- Paladin - a tanky build that protects others from damage
- Later I may also add a healer class, built around healing you and others.

Each class comes with its own skills. Having a class system like his will increase team co-operation in boss battles or in mob arenas. And the skills are very visually appealing. Ever wanted to shoot flames at your foes our of your hands or summon pillars of ice onto your enemies?

Player Leveling System and Professions
MMOCore has its own leveling system, although it works differently from McMMO. Exp is gotten from completely quests, killing mobs, or from professions. You gain XP from professions, and when level up your profession you will also get exp for your class.

Other things smaller things it adds are lootsplosions, and the ability for us to have actual treasure chests in dungeons.

What does MMOItems have to offer?

MMOItems allows us to add some really cool effects to items. Elemental Damage, Gemstones you can insert into items to give them powers, Item Upgrading, and almost limitless abilities. And yes staffs for the magic users out there. We also plan to have a server resource pack to give some unique textures to this items, and no this will not effect any of the vanilla items.

But what about PvE skills?

Don't worry I have a solution to this as well-Custom Enchantments. There is a fantastic plugin out there which you might have heard of. It is called Zenchantments, and it is one if not the best custom plugin out there. It does almost everything McMMO does, without the conflicts of the two plugins above.

Spigot page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/zenchantments.12948/

There is far too many enchantments to list here, but if you look through them you will see that it replaces most of McMMOs abilities, and adds a ton of PvE abilities that we don't currently have. Also, all these items can be sold in shops!

Now For The Poll

I understand some of you may not agree with these changes, but I do think these plugins will be a ton of fun to play with. Click below to show your support, or lack of support:
CLICK HERE TO VOTE -> https://www.strawpoll.me/18741040