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Planned Additions

Hi guys!

June was probably one of the biggest months for Gingy in terms of development:
  1. Switched from Essentials to CMI bringing in a ton of new features and enhancements
  2. Upgraded from 1.13 to 1.14
  3. Added in donation perks for donors
  4. Added in a time vote and weather vote system
  5. Participated in an upcoming in-game minecon, cubecon 2019
  6. Added in a brand new spawn
We are not done though, and we have a ton of new things planned, some of which will be described down below!

Major McMMO Update (Version 2.2)

A major update to McMMO is nearing completion. The lead developer nossr50 has been working full-time for the past 5 months on this update. It will feature either partial or complete rewrites to repair, salvage, excavation, fishing, and alchemy skills.

Custom Loot and Return of Bosses and Leveled Mobs

One of the biggest planned additions is going to be the return of bosses and leveled mobs. Bosses and mobs will drops things like scrolls, items with special abilities, elemental damage, special arrow types, and enchantments. Everything will be able to be sold for a fun way to make money.

The plugin still needs to be updated to 1.14, but it will updated soon.

Return of the Auction House and [Item]
When custom loot comes out, I am sure you guys will want to showcase and auction off these items. So I plan to bring back the auction house and [Item]. This will most likely come before the custom loot.

Vote and store additions
In order to help encourage voting, we may bring back top voter of the month, and start a new thing other server have been using to get people to vote: Vote Parties!
As for store additions, we will be bringing back crates for all, where you can donate loot crates to all online players.

If you like what we have done so far, and what we have planned and would like to support the server, consider sending a donation. It is greatly appreciated and helps keeps me motivated to keep updating the server!
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