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Join Gingy's World of Nations from Bedrock!


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A Proxy to join Gingy's World of Nations from Bedrock!
Important: This is not Hosted or Maintained by Gingy's World of Nations, but has been approved by the Owner!
Please do NOT report bugs to their Discord or to their Staff!

Bedrock IP :
Bedrock Port: 25565

Bedrock version: 1.14.60

How does it work?
We use a proxy called "Geyser". Geyser is a bridge between
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition by CubeCraft Games.

Please note, this project is still a work in progress. Expect bugs!

What is required to join?

You only need a Bedrock client and Bedrock account to join!
Bedrock usernames will be prefixed with a " . "
(Optional: Java account for linking to Bedrock account)

How do I join from Bedrock?
In your Bedrock client under the "Servers" tab click "Add Server". For the "Server Address" enter ""
and for the "Port" enter "25565". Devices that have "Add server" support are(but not limited to) iOS, Android, and Windows 10.
To connect from Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and possibly PS4 you can try the tutorial for BedrockConnect at your own risk.

What commands are there?
" /geyser list " - List all players connected via Bedrock.
" /geyser offhand " - Puts an item in your offhand.

How do I link my Java account to my Bedrock account?
1. Connect via your Java client.
2a. Run " /linkaccount {bedrock gamertag} "
2b. You will be given a command to run on your Bedrock client.
3. Connect via your Bedrock Client (if you have not already).
4. Run the command you were given in 2b.
5. If successful, log off both the Java and Bedrock clients.
6. Log back in via your Bedrock client.
(you can still play via Java and Bedrock, Just not at the same time)

How do I unlink my Java account from my Bedrock account?
Connect via your Bedrock client.
2. Run " /unlinkaccount "
3. If successful, logout then log back in.

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