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Future plans for Gingy


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Hello guys,

I With the server being so slow right now I thought I would write this to make it clear that the server is not dead, and I that I still planning on updating it. Plus I haven't written one of these in ages, and you guys are probably wondering what I am up to. I have mentioned a few things here and there in-game and on discord, but I haven't made any kind of announcement on anything. I have TONS planned, we were (and kind of still are) on a bit of a development hiatus, waiting for third party plugin developers to fix bugs, and of course 1.16.

Note that these are my current plans as of writing this, and they may change at any time, as better ideas come up, or issues arise.

1.16 Update and Server Upgrade

For those of you that are unaware, I am planning on updating the server to the next major update this week, starting on August 13. As usual, we will be resetting the resource world, like we do every major update. However, update I am also planning on updating the nether and end. The nether is being completely overhauled this update, so it just feels right. And the end is just taking way too much storage space right now since it has no world border, so it is also time for a reset. Mk3ext will be working with me to get everything moved over to the new server. A backup will be made prior to all of this just in case anything goes wrong.

A lesser known part of this update, is that chat now supports ANY color using hex, so when we update to 1.16, certain chat elements may be revamped, like rank prefix colors. And yes, you will be able to use hex to color your items in anvil.

Spooky has also made a few new nether themed mythic mobs which will be added to the nether too, so expect that.

Classes and Loot Update

This is probably one of the most anticipated updates that I have been teasing for a long time. We already have over 100 items made, which we are in process of balancing. These consist of swords, longswords, axes, bows, greatswords, greataxes, daggers, staffs, armor, shields, catalysts (offhand items), and some tools. There is also a large amount of gemstones which you can use to add additional stats to your items. Many of the items also have special abilities, which will make use of a new stamina and mana system. These items will be dropped exclusively from mythic mobs, making them much more enticing to kill. Keep in mind though, that each of these items will have a class and level requirement in order to use.

There will be 5 different classes available to use: Rogue, which focuses on fast attack and movement speed, Marksman, which focuses on ranged weaponry, Soldier, which focuses on strong physical attacks, Paladin, which focuses on defense, and Mage, which focuses on magic and spells. Each class also a selection of class skills, which can be casted in a special casting mode. You will not be stuck to a single class, You will have the ability to switch between classes whenever you like. The catch, is that you must level up your classes separately. All your levels and skill points will be saved between classes, so there will be no penalty to switching classes, only the hindrance of having to reorganize your inventory. This system will allow you guy to try out the different classes before training it, and specializing in it.

A new scoreboard system will be added to keep track of your stamina (for item abilities) and mana (for class abilities). This will pop up automatically when attacking a monster, or using an ability. Note that you will be able to disable it if you don't want to see it. Same with class skills (by not binding any of your skills). As for keeping track of enemy health, the action health bar will have to be removed in order to maintain compatibility with the new spell casting system. We will instead be using boss bars for bosses. and mcmmo health bars for normal mobs. In order to reduce boss bar spam, common mobs using custom skins will also be removed, and later added as uncommon mobs. Common mobs will then be made exclusively into variants of the vanilla mobs. Ex. Heathen, or Pillager Scout

Mob Arena and Hardcore World

This is further away, so I cannot be as detailed about its implementation. I do know however, that the mob arena, and hardcore world will be the only place where you will be able to find epic, legendary, and mythical, bosses. You may be wondering that epic bosses are already in the main world. All the bosses are planned to be made quite a bit harder with the addition of classes and loot. Otherwise the bosses will not be much of a challenge after you reach the cap of 30 for your class, and have the best weapons and armor.

The hardcore world will make it much harder, with higher tiered bosses, and possibly some other things to really add a challenge. Its not set in stone yet, but I am also thinking of making it so the further away you get from the hardcore spawnpoint, the harder the mobs and bosses will be. It is undetermined whether or not you will be able to claim land here, the idea is not confirmed or rejected.

The mob arena will be a place where you can safely fight mobs without fear of losing items, preparing you for boss encounters. You will be able to fight through waves of mobs and bosses trying to reach the final wave, using your existing equipment. There will be rewards for this too as an added bonus. The bosses will not drop their special loot in this mode though.
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A typical hardcore world you only have one life for minecraft, if you die it's over. Is this going to be a factor of the hardcore world you are taking about? Or maybe you have to pay a certain amount of money or wait a certain amount of time to enter the world, after a death there?
No need to be 100% confirmed on any of this just curious.


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What I could do is remove the ability of back on death and setting a home and claiming. So if you die then you must either tp to another player that isn't dead (this would encourage parties). The only way to enter the world would be the hardcore warp which would warp you back to start of the hardcore world, which will be low level.