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Economy Overhaul: Admin shop removal, Jobs replacement


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Hi there,

So once the server restarts tonight, the admin shop will be removed, and replaced with jobs. If you aren't aware of why this change is happening, please refer to this post: https://www.gingycraft.net/index.php?threads/economy-overhaul.32/ To put it briefly, the admin shop had many balance issues and exploits. We also would like to encourage player shops more.

By removing admin shop, you may notice some other things removed:
- /sellgui has been removed. You may still use /dispose to remove junk, but you won't get paid for it.
- /sell has also been removed.
- /shop and /buy has been removed


With the admin shop removed, the new primary source of income will be from jobs. To join a job do /jobs join.

Higher ranks will be able to join multiple jobs:
- Squire: 2
- Viscount: 3
- Duke: 4
- Emperor: 5

Important Notes:

You will notice that some jobs have overlapping actions, for example, mason and builder will both pay you for placing stone. If you have both jobs, you will given the sum of the two jobs.

The more people that are in a job the less money will be given in that job, so it is usually best to select a job that fewer members are in. Income is calculated exponentially (totalworkers / totaljobs / jobstotalplayers - 1). Max penalty is 50%, and max bonus is 200%. Your income may change as more players join your job, so keep that mind especially when fewer people have claimed their jobs.

We are not using the default leveling system usually found on servers using jobs. This was decided because I felt it conflicted too much with mcmmo's leveling system. It didn't feel right to have a woodcutting level for mcmmo, and a woodcutting level for jobs as well. It just felt messy. Instead, job income will increase as you play. Each time you upgrade your playtime rank, you income will be increased by 1.25x, until you reach king where you income will be 3x the default.

You can only make $10k every 12 hours 2 hours using jobs. After that you much wait for the timer to reset. This is a safety net to prevent certain jobs from making far more than other jobs, especially with jobs being very new.

To leave a job, you must pay a one time fee of $2500. This is to prevent players from constantly switching jobs, since we don't use the default leveling system.

Exploit Protections:

There are some exploit protections in place which may confuse you if you do not know about them:
- You can only have max 20 furnaces in smelting jobs. You will not be paid for any extra.
- You can only have max 20 brewing stands in brewing jobs. You will not be paid for any extra.
- Placing and breaking blocks will not give you money.
- You will only get paid for monster kills if you do more than 60% of the damage. You will not get money if you weaken a mob using fall damage or other methods first.
- You will only get partial money from using treefeller, gigadrill, or super breaker.
- You will not get money from mobs spawned by a spawner.
- Slimes and magma cubes will not split if they are from a spawner. This is because split slimes are treated by the server as naturally spawned, not from a spawner.
- If items are put into a furnace with a hopper, you will not get money in smelting jobs.
- If items are put into brewing stands with a hopper, you will not get money in brewing jobs.
- You will not get paid for exploring while flying or gliding.

Daily Quests:

Every 4 hours, you will be given 2 randomized quests for each job you are in. So, if you have 2 jobs, you will be given 4 randomized quests. There are three tiers of quests: Common, Rare, and Legendary. Common quests are listed as dark blue (40%), rare as gold (25%), and Legendary as light blue (10%). If you do /jobs quests you can list the jobs you have available. You may click on one to skip it, you can only skip 1 quest every 4 hours.
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