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Dragonfall's EXP Farm


New member
Well, if you're here, you've more than likely seen the signs. That's right, only select trusted people will be allowed to access the farm due to people that keep throwing in trash.

This change will be made October 10th-14th as I feel that is enough time for everyone to see the signs and do this.

Please leave a reply with:

In-game Name:

How long you've been using the farm:

Why you want to keep using the farm:

Do you accept the Terms and Agreement:

*By answering yes to the last question, you accept you will not throw anything into the hoppers that doesn't belong. The only thing that should be collected by those hoppers are the drops from the Guardians. If this is broken and I find out who it is, of course you will be banned from ever using it again. Even if it is made public again.

**Once server performance is fixed on Mojang's side, I will make it public again since we won't have to worry so big on it as much hopefully and I can take care of trash drops at that point.