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Auction House, Item showcasing, 1.14.4 update


Staff member
Hey guys!

Thank you everyone that has joined in the past week, and those that continue to play on Gingy. Our player numbers have finally began to pick up again after almost 6 months of slowness. I am certain that the summer holidays have something to do with it, but regardless thank you guys for choosing to play on Gingy!

Regarding LAG:

I know that there has been some uneasiness about the performance issues recently. This is due to how unoptimized and buggy 1.14 was when it was first released. Chunk loading and unloading causes TPS to drop, and there is a lot of problems with entity lag. This forced us to do things like reduce view distance, reduce entity counts, increase RTP cooldown, and even disable some mob farms.
1.14.4 was released today, and we are only waiting for a couple plugins to update before we can switch. This is the last planned minor update for 1.14, so hopefully the performance issues that have been plaguing us will be fixed. If all goes well, we can try to remove these undesirable changes.

In preparation to the upcoming new loot and bosses we have planned, I am implemented a few new features to the server.

Item Showcasing

You can now showcase your items to others, allowing you to display your enchantments, lore, etc. on your items without having to actually give people the item to see. This is useful if you are trying to show off your item.

Note: Do not showcase items with a lot of data. E.g. when the full content of a shulker box or a player head. This might lead to your client to disconnect as it can't handle that amount of data.

  • /showitem (Alias: /si, /show)
    • Shows the item in your hand to every player around you in a radius of 16 blocks.
  • /showitem <slot> (Alias: /ss)
    • Shows the item in a specific slot to every player around you in a radius of 16 blocks. Finding out the correct slot is made easier with the inventory help click function! (middle click)
  • /showitem <playername>
    • Show the item to a specific player.
  • /showitem -radius <radius>
    • Show the item to every player in the given radius.
Chat Placeholder:
Instead of using commands, you can also use the following placeholders in your messages to showcase your item in chat. Note that this placeholder is case-sensitive.
  • %item%
  • %item%slot%% (For example %item40% will display item in your offhand)
To prevent spam, cooldowns have been implemented so you will need to wait before you can showcase an item again.
  • Radius: 10 seconds
  • Direct: None
  • Chat: 60 seconds

Auction House

In addition to quickshops, you will now have an additional outlet to where you can sell your items. The auction house allows you to sell items via a GUI.

  • /ah
    • Opens up the auction house
  • /ah help
    • Display auction house related commands
  • /ah expire
    • Opens up your expired items list
  • /ah collect
    • Opens up your collectible items list
  • /ah listed
    • Opens up your listed items list
  • /ah view <player>
    • Shows all items being sold by a player
  • /ah sell <price> [amount]
    • Add the item in your hand to the selling section of the auction house. If no amount is specified, the entire stack will be added.
  • /ah bid <price> [amount]
    • Add the item in your hand to the bidding section of the auction house. If no amount is specified, the entire stack will be added.

There is two sections in the auction house:

Selling Section:
Items sold in this section will be put up for a duration of 3 days. If they are not sold in that time they will expire. Expired items will be put into the expired items list, and you must claim them using /ah expire. Items that aren't claimed within 10 days will be deleted. You can cancel an item at any time.

Bidding Section:
Items sold in the bidding section will be put up for a duration of 5 minutes. During this time, people can bid on it, and whoever has the highest bid will get the item.