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  1. Rujala

    Playtime Rank Perks

    I don't have to use scaffolding to build anymore?! praise thy flight charges!
  2. Rujala

    POLL: Classes, Skills, Enchantments, and Abilities?

    you have all my yeses
  3. Rujala

    I'm that annoying rich guy

    You just had to flex with the amount of money you have didn't you? :^)
  4. Rujala

    Well Howdy Partner

    I like this
  5. Rujala

    New Additions: CMI

    wait- this didn't really answer my question. Is it custom spawners or not? 😂
  6. Rujala

    New Additions: CMI

    Custom spawners or just good ol' regular Zombie/Spider/Skeleton spawners?
  7. Rujala

    First the worst, second the best. ;3

    I see you shading me in that title! 👀 not ok :( Jokes aside, old as in 50+,your thirties or a 20-year-old acting like they're old? Nothing really shocks me on the internet anymore lmao
  8. Rujala

    *to the tune of bad guy* I'm the first one.

    Yo, what's your favourite anime? Got any recommendations? Also well yeah I know Destiny 2 isn't the best game out there but I have such a deep love for the lore & characters so I see past the game itself. And oh, I forgot about Skyrim! I totally agree on that. Photography is fun but without a...
  9. Rujala

    *to the tune of bad guy* I'm the first one.

    Hi all, we finally got a proper forums and I'm beyond happy about that! We're currently 6 (six!!!) members strong, and I'm excited for the future of these forums and the server itself. Anyways, I'm Rujala (Or Citrus, depending on where you game with me.) and I'm just your typical gamer- no I'm...
  10. Rujala