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  1. gentlestorms

    Sup ya'll?

    Sleepy if you're ever down I'd love to see some of your work!!
  2. gentlestorms

    Heya! A nerd is here!

    I don't know if I agree with the middle part of this introduction. I've seen evidence that totally invalidates points three and four on this. : P
  3. gentlestorms


  4. gentlestorms

    Well Howdy Partner

    Uh oh Elbest. xD
  5. gentlestorms

    Well Howdy Partner

    Well one person I guess is better than none for you right?
  6. gentlestorms

    Well Howdy Partner

    Yeah that's right Zaq. Log in. Fight me.
  7. gentlestorms

    Well Howdy Partner

    I don't like this. Zaq's a huge nerd.
  8. gentlestorms

    Sleep percentage

    I think that was what we initially had prior to the time vote now? I don't recall specifics but the logistics of it, from what I do remember, ended up being a bit too much so it was changed to time voting. There was a lot of 'Go to sleep!' at one point, hahaha. I do remember that.
  9. gentlestorms

    Ope. A Midwestern has Appeared.

    Pokemon and omelettes. ❤
  10. gentlestorms


    Welcome, and nice to meet you!
  11. gentlestorms

    First the worst, second the best. ;3

    Ha! Considering there's a grandma who videotapes herself playing skyrim.. I'm thirty-two. Just came back to minecraft about a month ago. I'll have to look up that documentary, thanks for the suggestion.
  12. gentlestorms

    First the worst, second the best. ;3

    My name is gentlestorms on the server. A little about me: I like mythology and folk lore. Astronomy, and history. People in general and their individual stories are always fascinating. I like to draw and sculpt in real life. I make stuff revolving around the previously stated interests. I used...