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  1. MidnightSugar

    Auction House, Item showcasing, 1.14.4 update

    Hey guys! Thank you everyone that has joined in the past week, and those that continue to play on Gingy. Our player numbers have finally began to pick up again after almost 6 months of slowness. I am certain that the summer holidays have something to do with it, but regardless thank you guys...
  2. MidnightSugar

    Server Rules

    Chat Rules Be respectful to all other users and members of staff. Do not troll or intentionally try to provoke other players. Do not link to or post any adult content Try to keep cursing to a minimum. Do not advertise your mediocre at best servers, services, etc. Avoid discussing...
  3. MidnightSugar

    Planned Additions

    Hi guys! June was probably one of the biggest months for Gingy in terms of development: Switched from Essentials to CMI bringing in a ton of new features and enhancements Upgraded from 1.13 to 1.14 Added in donation perks for donors Added in a time vote and weather vote system Participated in...
  4. MidnightSugar

    New Additions: CMI

    With CMI now installed we now have a bunch of new additions to the server! Spawners now have 30% chance to be dropped from explosions. (TNT). So you can now find spawners in the wild and bring them back to your base! To prevent spawner farms from becoming too OP and laggy, I have put in a...
  5. MidnightSugar

    Towny Guide

    Towny is a town management plugin. It allows players to own and manage towns, and eventually grow them into a thriving nation. Towns are a collection of Residents, and are governed by the Mayor. Players who are not a member of a town are called Nomads. Nations are a collection of Towns, and...
  6. MidnightSugar

    Website Reopening and Revamp

    Greetings fellow adventurers, I am pleased to announce that the website is now back online better than ever. Gone is the dull gray, now we have a fully functional website on par with some of the larger networks out there. If you guys have any feedback or suggestions let me know in the...