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  1. MidnightSugar

    Economy Overhaul: Admin shop removal, Jobs replacement

    Hi there, So once the server restarts tonight, the admin shop will be removed, and replaced with jobs. If you aren't aware of why this change is happening, please refer to this post: To put it briefly, the admin shop had many...
  2. MidnightSugar

    Playtime Rank Perks

    Today we have added a bunch of cool perks which you will unlock as you play. A new command has also been added to show perks in-game. Use it with /rankperks. See them by hovering over the text in /ranks. Knight - Workbench If you are knight rank or higher you can now open a crafting grid...
  3. MidnightSugar

    Economy Overhaul

    At this point I am not sure whether the buy shop will be kept. Most people use the plugin to sell, and I would prefer to have player shops be more in use. Also having fewer plugins is better if we don't really need them. I like the way the admin shop functions a lot too, especially with the...
  4. MidnightSugar

    Economy Overhaul

    It has been brought to our attention that our current economy model is quite flawed and has a lot of potential for abuse. Having all items being sold to the shop means there is a high chance it can be exploited, especially with constant updates from mojang, or auto farms that we havent...
  5. MidnightSugar

    Towny Version - New Additions

    Towny has updated to release version for 1.14. Some of these may have already been added, but since this is a release version I will be listed them out here. New Commands: /resident friend list Returns a list of your friends /n townlist [nation] [nation] is optional, to show town...
  6. MidnightSugar

    POLL: Classes, Skills, Enchantments, and Abilities?

    Hello guys! So the past month or so I have been pretty silent, and some of you may have been wondering what the heck I am have been all this time. I can assure you I am still here, but just working behind the scenes. I have been carefully planning out the future of Gingy. As some of you are...
  7. MidnightSugar

    Hello ya'll from Arkansas!

    Hello, welcome to the server MamitaLena!! I seen you on the server a few times, and it is really cool you made an introduction here on the website, not many people actually do that! Yeah running a server is tough, and it can be lonely especially when starting out. It takes time to actually build...
  8. MidnightSugar

    Custom Mobs - Common

    Stats and Image Skills and Information Drops Name: Fierce Albino Health: 50 Damage: 6 Attack Speed: 1 Movement Speed: 0.26 Follow Range: 30m Spawns: Normal Worlds The fierce albino will not attack you unless provoked. It has a 50% chance of inflicting SPEED II on itself every 5 seconds, which...
  9. MidnightSugar

    Custom Mobs - Common

    Stats and Image Skills and Information Drops Name: Adventurer Health: 40 Damage: 5 Attack Speed: 1.6 Movement Speed: 0.3 Knockback Resistance: 10% Follow Range: 20m Spawns: Normal Worlds The adventurer has 20% chance to inflict SLOWNESS II on itself when damaged. The effect lasts 2 seconds...
  10. MidnightSugar

    Ope. A Midwestern has Appeared.

    Hey there, welcome to Gingy forums! It is cool to see someone that knows the game so well. 1000s streamers on twitch? Nice! Do you ever stream on the server? If so I would love to join in some time. Not the actual stream I hate being on camera/voice recordings.
  11. MidnightSugar

    Ban Appeal -fahhzy

    I appreciate the honesty. I have shortened your penalty to a 3 day ban instead of a 3 week ban.
  12. MidnightSugar

    Auction House, Item showcasing, 1.14.4 update

    Hey guys! Thank you everyone that has joined in the past week, and those that continue to play on Gingy. Our player numbers have finally began to pick up again after almost 6 months of slowness. I am certain that the summer holidays have something to do with it, but regardless thank you guys...
  13. MidnightSugar

    Server Rules

    Chat Rules Be respectful to all other users and members of staff. Do not troll or intentionally try to provoke other players. Do not link to or post any adult content Try to keep cursing to a minimum. Do not advertise your mediocre at best servers, services, etc. Avoid discussing...
  14. MidnightSugar

    Planned Additions

    Hi guys! June was probably one of the biggest months for Gingy in terms of development: Switched from Essentials to CMI bringing in a ton of new features and enhancements Upgraded from 1.13 to 1.14 Added in donation perks for donors Added in a time vote and weather vote system Participated in...
  15. MidnightSugar

    New Additions: CMI

    Regular spawners