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  1. AWanweirdLife

    Dragonfall's EXP Farm

    Well, if you're here, you've more than likely seen the signs. That's right, only select trusted people will be allowed to access the farm due to people that keep throwing in trash. This change will be made October 10th-14th as I feel that is enough time for everyone to see the signs and do...
  2. AWanweirdLife

    Ope. A Midwestern has Appeared.

    Unfortunately when I moved, the only internet I can get here is an upload of 1... not enough to stream. I will when I move though. Also, the 1,000 is between both Twitch and Omlet, but I am a twitch affiliate so there's that. (Max viewers I've had at one time is 82) But once I do move, more than...
  3. AWanweirdLife

    Ope. A Midwestern has Appeared.

    Hey guys! AWanweirdLife here! Feel free to call me: - AWan - Wan - AW - Wanweird - That idiot over there As my thread title states, I am from the Midwest (Northeast Kansas) but moved out to Colorado (8 hours away, that was a fun drive) on August 15th, 2019. So much nicer out...