The server has been pretty dead recently. Less and less people seem to join the server every day. This is because it is not up to standards and I really haven't been running it well as I should. Some obstacles have appeared in my life preventing me from putting a lot of time into developing the server. The server updates seem to have halted and I haven't really logged in much the last couple weeks.

I sincerely apologize for all that.

Many problems have also popped up recently. People are confused and I feel have given up on the server. This is why I have decided to put the server on a hiatus.

This means that I am not going to advertise the server until the server is back in a state that people will actually play and enjoy. The server will still be open to anyone, its just that nobody new will be joining.

Playtime and Permission Problems

Some of you have join the server and realized that your playtime was reset. What is happening? Well this is because I decided to switch playtime plugins.


Last January I announced that I would be releasing a new pvp oriented server. I came to the choice of completely seperating chat and ranks between servers, or merge them together. With our smaller community, I decided the latter option would be more suitable. But in order to this I had to switch playtime plugins. This caused some pretty major problems with playtimes and permissions. 

How can I get my playtime back to normal?

Unfortunately, the only way I can fix your playtime is by manually changing it via commands. So you will need to contact me somehow with your in game name so I can fix it. Send me a message on discord, in-game, or on the website. I will try to fix your playtime as fast as possible.

Boss Random Spawning vs Dungeons

Right now, I am looking into changing our system for custom bosses. I want to get away from random spawning and instead change it to a more controlled, dungeon style system. 

There are generally two types of people that play on the server regarding custom bosses.

  • Those that enjoy killing bosses and tend to search for them looking for the best loots.

  • Those that don't care too much about bosses and find them annoying.

With our current system, it doesn't really favor either party. A dungeon style system would have the following advantages:
  1. Bosses will be easier to find. You won't have to wander aimlessly looking for rare bosses.
  2. Bosses won't randomly spawn by people that don't want to fight them.
  3. It will far more difficult to exploit bosses by using environment since they will all be fought in pre-built arenas.

Dungeon Build Team

Of course, in order for this possible, dungeons will need to be made. And this is no small feat. Therefore I am going to be looking for a team of people willing to invest some time into these dungeons.
I am looking for people that are willing to plan out, build, and test these dungeons. Please let me know if are interested in helping out with this.

PvP Server Development

Some of you may be wondering about the current state of the PvP Server. A lot of the major planning for the server is complete. The spawn is done, and many things are already configured. However, it is still a bit early for me to give a date of release. Even if I am pretty busy with life issues at the moment, I don't want to rush things. I want the PvP server to be a fun experience from the start.

Anyway, I hope this post cleared some things up for you guys. If you still have any questions feel free to ask me. I would be happy to answer them.