Hey guys

As some of you are aware, we used to have a creative server, and hub on Gingy. Unfortunately these were removed due to extreme issues, and lack of interest.

Right now, we are still paying for both. It makes no sense to be paying for something that is not available to everyone. So, I want to start working on the second server right away. But in order for me to do this I need to know what you guys want the second server to be.
I have heard many different opinions of what it should be. What I need to be clear that we only have the funding and server resources for one additional gamemode. More gamemodes may be possible, but I know need more donations for that to happen.

I will be making a poll and discussion to see what the majority of you guys want to see. The discussions will happen first, followed by the poll, which will be based on the discussions.

There will be three ways you can input on this subject:

  • Website: I have create a new thread on the website.

  • Discord: I have created a special text channel called "new-server-discussion".

  • In-Game: I have created a place where you can take and deposit writable books at spawn. If you would like remain anonymous, feel free to use this method.

So please let me know:

What type of server do guys want added to Gingy?